Children at Risk Programs

The Royal Rosarian Foundation supports the accessibility of the disadvantaged to the activities of their peers and relationship building for all of the students with the role models in the community. The Children at Risk Programs include Christmas For Kids, Field Trips, Community Transitional School and other charitable endeavors for children in need.kids-walking

Field Trip Program

The Foundation provides funding for Portland Public Schools and David Douglas Schools children to attend field trips with their classmates so that they are not left behind. The Funds provide the admission tickets for those who cannot afford them and gives the Elementary School principals the ability to provide transportation to plays and other events
, for which they received donated tickets, but otherwise could not have attended.

Christmas for Kids

The Foundation helps support a program for qualifying children to shop for themselves & family members for Christmas gifts and clothes. Royal Rosarians accompany the children and give them guidance with their purchases.


Community Transitional School

The Royal Rosarian Foundation supports the Community Transitional School with a grant each year to help fund one of the two full-time instructional assistants.  CTS is a private Pre-K through 8th Grade institution that offers homeless children a stable educational environment that promotes their academic and personal growth.  The school provides state-certified teachers, a school nurse, breakfast and lunch each day, door-to-door transportation, and necessary clothing.